Pony- Drums/Vocals

  I grew up in rural Ransomville NY.
By the time I reached age 7 it was clear to my parents that some formal percussion training was in the near future so instead of beating up on the pots & pans they bought me my first snare drum. From that point forward it was bands in school & private lessons after school once a week on a set of mismatched green Ludwigs they bought me when Wurlitzer was going out of business. Thanks Mom, Thanks Dad!
   In addition to singing in the formal church choir In my younger years I helped form a band with a couple older friends about age 12. I still remember the elation after listening back to a song we laid down on this old (P.O.S) cassette recorder. This is what I wanted to do the rest of my life!
   Dating back to 1976 some of my former bands would include Allen Perry Project, Red Raiders marching band, Tyrant, Radio Art, Sons & Lovers, Electroman, Little Sheba, The Regulars & Project X.